Rights & Roles

Miracle Mobile Platform allows customization of the Mobile App such that it dynamically adjusts based on which users can use or access which features of the application based on user roles (application assumes ‘Roles’ will be provided when the user is authenticated using an Authentication connector).

By default, all pages, controls, etc. are visible to all users. However, when we define a restriction configuration for any page, control, etc., then that control is restricted for all other users except for the specified roles. This means that if the list of roles is provided as blank and the configuration is saved, then the restriction is applied to all users of the application. So if a configuration is saved, make sure the roles are specified.

Restrictions can be applied on the following components:


It is possible to restrict a particular category for a particular group of users. For example, a category with access to high level reporting tools and financial stats should only be visible to Senior Management.


Certain pages can be restricted for certain user groups. For example, some forms should only be visible to the HR personnel whereas other forms may only be accessible by Finance department personnel.


Certain controls on forms can be restricted to be filled in only by certain class of users. For example, supervisor signature and comments should only be visible to roles with the Supervisor or Manager tags.

There are two kinds of restrictions currently supported:


This restriction hides any Category, Page or Control based on the user roles configured.


This restriction applies ‘Read Only’ mode to any Category, Page or Control based on the user roles configured. This means that a user will be able to see the Category, Page or Control restricted for him/her but will not be able to make changes to it.