Installing Miracle Apps on Mobile Devices

How To Install App On iOS Devices


Please follow the steps below to access the Miracle App on your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Using the Safari Browser on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad), open Miracle Studio using this link:
  2. Enter your respective credentials in the Username and Password fields and press Login, e.g.
    Username:  [your username]
    Password:  [your password]
    Sign In from your iPhone or iPad
  3. From the menu on the left-hand side, tap on DOWNLOAD APPS
    Access Miracle Studio on your iPad and iPhone
  4. Tap on the DOWNLOAD FOR iOS button (Please note that this can only be accessed through an iOS device i.e. an iPhone or iPad)
    Download for iOS
  5. After the Miracle App Shell is installed on your iOS device you must entrust it in order to run properly. To do so; on your device tap Settings > General > Profile or Profiles & Device Management. Tap the profile to establish trust for your Miracle App Shell, confirm your choice. Now you can run the App Shell.
    Profiles & Device Management

  6. Once you run the App Shell, you will see a screen which will ask for an Application Code. Please enter your app code e.g. ‘t1’ (without quotes) and tap on Please Proceed to start downloading the app metadata and forms, these are required to be downloaded once per installation.
    App Shell
  7. After the app metadata and forms have been downloaded, it will show the Login Screen.
  8. You are now using your Miracle App.