Managing Miracle Apps on Mobile Devices

Managing Miracle Apps on mobile devices for employees in an enterprise is a very critical requirement for organisations, where data security and integrity is of highest priority. Miracle Studio provides out of the box Mobile Device Management features to ensure company data is always secure.

Device Management in Miracle Studio
Device Management in Miracle Studio

Following are some of the features of device management provided in Miracle Studio:

  1. List of all devices that have the current mobile application installed.
  2. Information about each device:
    • Device ID – The device ID which uniquely identifies Android IOS and Windows mobile device
    • Device Model – The name of the model of the device example Apple iPhone 6s
    • Operating System – The name and version of the operating system on the device example iPhone OS 8
    • First Metadata Update – The number of days past when the first time metadata was updated
    • Last Metadata Update – The number of days past when the last time the device received metadata update
    • Last Seen – The number of days past when the app was last used on the device
    • App Shell Version – The version of the app shell which is currently installed in the device
    • Current Logged in User – The name of the currently logged in user
    • Device Status – Shows if the app on device is enabled(can be used by the user) or disabled(app cannot be used by the user)
  3. Toggle app status on device
  4. Delete a device
  5. Search or sort device based on any of the above mentioned information

The Status column has a toggle button for managing the device apps status. If device app status is enabled, user will be able to use the specific app on the device to fill forms and perform daily routine tasks on the app. If the device is disabled, user cannot use the specific app on device. All the apps functionality such as login, forms data entry etc will be disabled. In both enable and disabled case the device will maintain the metadata and records stored in the memory of device for a particular mobile application.

Pressing the delete button will delete the record for the application on a particular device.  The next time the app is used with the particular device a new record will be created with fresh data.

The search bar can be used to search for any specific data which is present in the columns. Each column can also be sorted in ascending and descending format based on the data present in the column.