SOAP Connector

A SOAP Connector is used to add web services to your mobile app, similar to fetching and posting feeds. This connector is currently under-development and more options & an interface change are being added.

To add a SOAP Connector to your app, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Connections sub-menu
  • Click Add New button
  • Click the SOAP Connector button
  • Fill in the required fields:

SOAP Connector

Settings Required Description
Connection Name Yes User defined connection name
WSDL URL Yes The service WSDL URL’s address
Entities Yes Entities are to be added here
Admin User ID Optional The User ID, if needed is used to access the service
Admin User Password Optional The Password, if needed is used to access the service


  • Test the connection
  • Save the connection

The SOAP connector has been successfully added to your app.