Creating a Home Screen Using Categories

The Home Screen is the main page which users will see once they open the app or after login in. It is also where users can access the app’s functions, or what we call Categories on Miracle Mobile Platform.

Creating a home screen is quite easy through MiracleStudio. All you need to do is add Categories and the app will show these with their respective icons in a neat tiled or list fashion.

To create a category, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the ‘Create New Category’ button on the top right corner.
  2. Type in a Category Name and select an icon from the drop down list. You can add an icon through this form by clicking the ‘Media Gallery’ button followed by the ‘Add Assets’ button.
  3. Specify the Order of the category using a number. For example, typing ‘1’ means that the icon of this category will be the first one displayed on the home screen.
  4. By default, the ‘Active’ option will be selected. This means that the category will show on your home screen. If you do not wish to display the category at the moment, you can deactivate the category.
  5. Add Category Pages through the ‘Add’ button on the right. Unless you have chosen one of the five sample apps, you will not have any pages to display initially. However, you can come back later to add pages within the category you created.
  6. While adding Category Pages, you can opt to select one of the pages to become the category’s Landing Page. That way, app users will be directed to that specific page whenever they select the category. If you do not check this option, they will be directed to a list of category pages.
  7. Under Permissions, you can specify who can view this category and/or interact with it. You can either list the users by name or by their roles.

Save your changes to go back to the Categories page and create more categories as needed.