Creating Your First App

Miracle Mobile Platform allows you to create well-designed businesses apps that can boost your company’s overall productivity levels and streamline operations.

To create your first app, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the ‘Add New App’ button on the left sidebar. You will be presented with five application templates:
    1. Blank Application – This option provides you with a blank application without any content, allowing you to create your app from scratch.
    2. Sample HSE – This app includes basic functions that meet the needs of the Health, Safety and Environment department at your company, including Injury-Illness Case Note and Toolbox Minutes. You can build on these or define your own categories, pages and forms to create a comprehensive app.
    3. Sample HR – This sample app is most suitable for Human Resources personnel as it includes Company Orientation and Stay Interview forms among other important pages and forms.
    4. Sample L&D – If you require an app for learning and development purposes, this is the sample app you can use to build on. The sample comes with a number of pages and forms, including e-Course Request and Training Attendance.
    5. Sample Operations – This sample app is useful for personnel handling operations within the organization. It comes with pre-defined pages and forms such as Defect Report and Delivery Inspection Checklist.
  2. Select an application template and type a name for it. You will also need to type in a code, which will be necessary for installing the app.