Making the App Work Offline

Miracle Mobile App takes into consideration the fact that users will not always be connected to the internet. Therefore, the app offers the following features that enable it to work offline.

Traditionally, mobile apps created on the platform can sync data in the cloud through background data submission. As a result, users can continue working with their apps while large forms and attachments make their way to the server silently. However, if an internet connection is not available, the app will store the data on the device and sync it once a connection is available.

One of Miracle Mobile Platform’s default app pages, the Data Sync page, allows users to update pages, UI, entities, and other configurations if the Administrator has updated these settings from the Admin Panel. Providing this functionality gives end users more control. In addition to choosing to sync selected items, they can easily pause or restart in-progress syncing jobs. Moreover, the screen shows when the entities were last updated and allows users to access the Pending Queue for submitted items.

The Pending Queue screen is another feature that allows your app to work while it is offline. Accessible through the Data Sync screen, it lists down the forms that had been submitted and are waiting to be synced to the cloud or ERP via a connector. The queue is processed automatically after a certain period of time. However, end users are welcome to submit forms directly from this page or cancel a submission.