Managing Miracle App on Mobile Devices

Being able to manage Miracle App on employees’ mobile devices is one of the necessary functions for today’s organizations. This is especially true considering how data security and integrity are top priorities in the business world. MiracleStudio gives you more control over managing mobile devices to ensure that your company data is always safe and secure.

Through Device Management, which is available under Manage, you can do the following.

View a List of the Devices that Installed the App

You will be directed to a list of all the devices that have the current mobile app installed. You will gain access to the following information about each device.

  • Device ID – This is a unique ID that is used to identify the Android, iOS, and Windows devices that have the app installed.
  • Device Model – This field displays the name of the model of the device (e.g. Samsung GT-I9500).
  • OS Version – This displays the name and version of the operating system of the device (e.g. 4.4.2 – SDK: Kitkat).
  • First Metadata Update – This is the number of days since the metadata was updated for the first time.
  • Last Metadata Update – This is the number of days since the device received a metadata update.
  • Last Seen – This field shows the number of days since the app was last used on the device.
  • App Shell Version – This value is the version of the app shell installed on the device.
  • Current Logged In User – This is the name of the user currently logged in on the app, on this device.
  • Status – This field will show whether the device is enabled (i.e. can be used by the user) or disabled.

Toggle App Status on the Device

The Status column has a button which you can press to manage the app’s status. If the device status is ‘Enabled’, the user will be able to use the app on the device. If the device status is ‘Disabled’, the user will not be able to use the app at all. Login, data entry in forms, etc. will be disabled. However, whether devices are ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’, they will maintain the metadata and records stored for Miracle App in the device’s memory.

Delete Device

Pressing the Delete button (the round red button with ‘x’ at the end of each entry) will delete the record for the application on the specified device. The next time the app is used on the same device, a new record will be created with fresh data.

Search and Sort

The Device Management page comes with a search bar on top. You can use it to search for specific data present in the columns. You can also sort columns in ascending or descending order.