Migrating Applications

Miracle Mobile Platform aims to help you save your precious time and money. That is why you can easily reuse components of one application by migrating them to another. The Migrate Apps feature is also beneficial for creating environments. You can easily promote the new pages you create to staging and, ultimately, to production. This is a must for any business-critical mobile app in an enterprise environment.

To migrate a mobile application, here are the steps you should follow.

  1. In MiracleStudio, click on Migrate Apps under Manage in the left panel. By default, the platform will select the app you are currently working on as the Source Application. The Source Application is the version in which changes have been made and will be published to a different instance.
  2. Select a Target Application, which is the app version that is live at the moment and you wish to update with new pages, forms, and/or connectors.
  3. Click the ‘Show Details’ button at the top. This will prompt MiracleStudio to compare the Target Application with the Source Application and present a list of components that can be migrated from the first to the latter.
  4. Make your selections by clicking on the boxes next to the components and then click ‘Select for Migration’.
  5. You will need to confirm the migration to the Target Application and then click ‘Migrate Now’. If there are any obstacles in the migration, you will receive a warning listing all the issues MiracleStudio encountered. Resolve these and try again.